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2020 – It’s Not for the Faint of Heart. Are You Ready?

2020 is already shaping up to be a year full of shake-up’s and surprises. It’s up to us to find our anchor point, stay grounded, and ride the waves of change. We can be the calm in the storm. And…we can be the lightning bolt! Different situations will call for different actions. We will need to be courageous, and vulnerable. Be true to your inner compass and you’ll always know what to do.

I sat in silence on January 1st and asked for guidance for the coming year. This is what appeared:

My cards for 2020. 🌟🔮🌟

Master Jesus: Forgiveness. You are on the path of light, love and forgiveness. Father healing is possible at this time.
Golden Solar Dragon: Helps you stand in your masculine power with WISDOM. Let your DNA be reprogrammed and light codes activated. Become an inspired leader.
Share Your Voice: Come out of the cave. Persecution. Expression.

It feels like 2020 is a time to Heal the Patriarchy. With forgiveness, love, authenticity.

It’s time to free ourselves from past persecutions and shine in our fullest light. The world needs us. And the time is now.

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Breastfeeding Bliss

BB projectIn the fog of early motherhood, I’m a little embarrassed to say how easy it was for me to get caught up checking my phone or watching some mindless tv while breastfeeding my son. It got to the point when he’d be finished feeding and I wouldn’t even realize it because I was engrossed in the latest FB feed.  At some point I remember having a real moment when I didn’t have any electronics around and instead just watched my son with my full attention while he was nursing.  It was magic. Pure magic. The way his hands moved.  The sweet sounds he would make. Watching his mouth move in perfect rhythm with each gulp. I grew more in love in that moment than I thought possible. It was pure bliss watching this miracle in my arms as I gave my precious baby every single thing he needed to thrive. I felt powerful and strong, with love overflowing…along with my milk, which came in stronger than ever.

From that moment, a little seed was planted within me.  I knew that I did not want to take this special time for granted any more. And I started thinking there are probably many women just like me who might be missing these precious moments in a similar sleep-deprived, overly stimulated state. That’s why, in honor of National Breastfeeding Month, I decided to create some tools to make it easier to keep this “Breastfeeding Bliss” alive and well. The health and emotional benefits for mama and baby are just too priceless to miss.

I have several tools – videos, apps, cards – that are in progress for all mamas, whether you’re breastfeeding, pumping, or simply feeding your baby the best way that you can. I am so passionate about this! I wish they were already finished. But I am a blissed-out mother of 2 small kiddos after all, so please be patient as I savor this super special time with them. I’ll squeeze in these important projects as quickly as I can. It’ll be worth the wait!

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World Breastfeeding Week

National Breastfeeding Month

Austin – Breastfeeding Law Awareness Day

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My Buddha Baby

20150613_110915_resizedI’ve been on a little break since the birth of my second son, sweet Bodhi. He was born in January and has brought a new level of joy to my existence. I can’t get enough of his marshmallow cheeks and soulful, bright eyes.

With my first son named Rumi after the 13th century Sufi poet, we couldn’t really name this guy Mikey. So throughout my pregnancy, I begged my growing baby to please tell me his name because I was struggling to find one that felt right and I was getting closer and closer to meeting him. Finally, when I was 7+ months into it, the name came to me in one of my sleepless prego nights. I knew instantly this was it – Bodhi! From the place the Buddha found enlightenment, under the Bodhi Tree, meaning “awakened,” understanding the true nature of things. Yes!  This was the perfect complement to Rumi. This was the name of our next son. I was dying to tell my husband but it was the middle of the night and I couldn’t bring myself to wake him. So I laid awake with giddy excitement for what seemed like forever, hoping he would share my enthusiasm when he woke.

Lucky for me, he did. From that moment on we had a name and things started to feel differently, like I was starting to get to know my son in a whole new way. And I honestly believe that the name came directly from him. It is so fitting; not only with his calm, happy nature, but also in his appearance. I love that I held out and listened to my inner voice to finally hear it.

SuperPhoto_150615204736_resized_1       FB_IMG_1434427292154_resized

Welcome my beautiful Buddha baby, sweet Bodhi James.


What Has Fall Inspired In YOU?

Fall Pic

The incredible, colorful beauty of Fall brings such a feeling of excitement and anticipation. It almost makes me giddy. Maybe it’s because I live in Austin and am desperate to escape the oppressive summer heat; maybe it’s because I love all things “pumpkin spice”. But on a deeper level, it might just be the refreshing notion of the changing cycles in life. Whatever it is, I love to see how people react.

Fall Tree

Just this morning I went to the super market and was tickled to see people wearing full-on coats, boots and scarves because the outside temp was…wait for it…69 degrees. I call said coat-wearers “Season Rushers” and they seriously make me smile. Because they are preparing for what they know is bound to be right around the corner, and gosh doggett, they are going to be READY!! However…and this is just a thought…what if the weather is actually getting warmer? All the way up to 80 today and now you’re stuck wearing five layers of warmth that you can’t easily discard without ruining your stylish outfit? What if you sacrificed your comfort today for what you THOUGHT was coming, maybe even WISHED was coming, when you could have been much happier in your regular jeans and single layer shirt?

We’re all guilty of this, myself included, firing up the old crock pot for a hearty pot roast on day one of the cool snap. But all of this preemptive action got me thinking…if we could just live in the present moment, we would probably make choices to better suit the present moment, and probably be happier for it. Or would we? Is the pot roast as delicious when you have to turn on the A/C to enjoy it? Some food for thought.

In addition to my pot roast, this Fall season inspired me to create this colorful little succulent garden. What has it inspired in YOU???

Succulent Garden

On my path…

It’s been such an amazing year for me…graduating from the Martha Beck Life Coaching Institute, quitting my corporate job after 17 years in the business, and most exciting of all…becoming a mommy-to-be!  Yep, definitely a few of what you may consider MAJOR life changes this year.  And all DEFINITELY for the best!

Nothing like a leisurely bike ride in Fiji

I feel like timing is everything, and things happen for you when you’re ready for them.  It took me a while to get here, but I finally feel like I’m on the right path and… at the exact right time for me.

I’ve always wanted to help people, and I’ve always felt this underlying desire to do more with my life.  But…like so many of us… I had NO idea what that looked like.  I was always searching, waiting for the perfect thing to drop into my lap.  But then I realized it doesn’t have to be perfect, and it doesn’t have to come with all of the answers.   If I just go in the direction that feels right at this moment, it will ultimately lead me to where I’m supposed to be.  You just have to have a little faith, and not get caught up with the bumps along the way.  The Alchemist is one of my favorite books; and as in this fable, I truly believe all of those little “bumps” are preparing us for what’s in store, to help us when we get there.

Everyone’s journey is unique.  And I wouldn’t trade a moment of mine because it’s made me ready for this very moment.  And here I am,  on my path.  I’m not sure where it will end up; but I’m excited to keep taking steps in the direction that feels right.