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If you’re ready for open, honest dialogue that will challenge you in beautiful ways to find your truest self, let’s talk. Be prepared to go deep. No sugar coating here. But you will find lots of love, compassion and clarity.

The first 15 minute phone consultation is free. I want to make sure we both feel like we’re a good fit before you sign up.  This call is so that we can get to know each other a little bit and get a good feel for what you’re needing and expecting from this experience. I will always be honest if I believe I can help you, or if I think you may find a better fit elsewhere. I’m all about helping people find their most direct path to joy, wherever that might be.

Each phone coaching session is 45-60 minutes in length.

(Skype is available for international clients.)

Once you’re ready to get started, you’ll need to decide which package works best for you. I recommend weekly calls, and offer several different packages.

My single session rate for coaching is $125 per hour.

*** 4-Session Package: $450

*** 8Session Package: $825

*** 12-Session Package: $1200

I’m happy to customize a plan to meet your needs if you don’t see one here that fits.

To book a session, you can click one of the options above which will direct you to PayPal for payment. Once complete, you’ll receive an email confirmation to schedule a time for your session. Unless otherwise noted, all sessions will be conducted via phone and can be recorded upon request.

If you prefer to use another form of payment, please email me.

***Package rates based on upfront payment. 

“Bridgette helped me to mine and rediscover the gems already laden within me, and she helped me do this in such a way that seemed so thrilling, even magical. Bridgette is so easy to talk to, and one of the most supportive individuals out there that I know. Her effervescence permeates the telephone – she is that bright and REAL. She helped me to keep my head on straight, and to love myself regardless of what I produce/accomplish/DO. She helped me to BE more ME! Sometimes it takes the right one at the right time to hold the mirror up to you so that you can remember your own heart. Pick Bridgette to be your “guru!” You will thank yourself later.”   Katie – Austin, TX


During a reading, I always ask that clear messages present themselves that are for your highest good. Only information that is ready to be received will come through. Many of the messages will be in the form of metaphor. I share the messages I see along with any interpretations I receive.  But always, it is your interpretation that is the most important.

I can connect directly to your energy to receive information, which means we can have a session by phone, skype, in person, or even remotely over email.

If you’d specifically like a “card” reading, I use Titania’s Fortune Cards.  (This is not a Tarot deck.)  I am not a “fortune teller.”  I will, however, read the energy surrounding a situation to help you gain a deeper perspective and find clarity around the issues that present themselves.

I ask that you take at least 5 minutes before our call to slow down, take several deep breaths, and think about how you’d like to feel once we are done. Hold that thought, set that intention, and then let it go. Allow whatever messages you are meant to receive to come through.

Intuitive Reading – $100 for 45 minutes

“Oh my goodness. Bridgette did a reading for me a few weeks ago and I am still getting chills from it. Her gentle and warm way made me feel so comfortable. I didn’t know why I particularly wanted a reading, I just did. Wow. All I can say is that I was MEANT to have that reading with Bridgette. It helped me do some really deep healing. Totally unexpected and such a blessing. Since then, I keep realizing things that linked back to the reading that weren’t clear at the time. It turns out, a totally new direction for my business that I LOVE was actually in the reading! Ha! Isn’t life magical? If you are in anyway led to have time with Bridgette, do it. She is the real deal. 150%.”  Dr. Lara Corr – Melbourne, Australia

Combination Intuitive Readings/Coaching Sessions


These are becoming more and more popular as the reading is able to open up deep held feelings, beliefs and/or situations that are often the root of what may be holding you back. Once we cut straight into the issues we uncover in the reading, it organically grows into a highly effective coaching session.

Deep Intuitive Reading/Coaching Session – $200 for 90 minutes

“Bridgette used her cards to open up our life coaching session. I was completely blown away at the accuracy of the reading. Bridgette so beautifully placed the meaning of the cards into context of my life and was able to open my eyes to things I needed to see. Tearfully the reading struck my core and left me feeling clear, open and free. The day after this reading was one of the best days of my life. I felt a sense of happiness and lightness that I’m not sure I have ever felt before. My life was the same but it was the shift in perception that had changed. I’m forever grateful.”   Frida – Palos Verdes, CA


Coaching Sessions/Card Readings now available at the LBJ Wildflower Center in Austin, TX!

Be my guest at this gorgeous botanical wonderland as we immerse ourselves in nature and get inspired to blossom.

Sessions are 1.5 hours and include a meditation, card reading, and custom coaching. We’ll walk and explore the beautiful grounds together as we talk, or we can simply find a nice spot to sit and relax while admiring the flora and fauna all around us. The weather for these is best in the spring and fall. Summers are a bit toasty for outdoor sessions.

Wildflower Park Session: $200 (includes entry to the park)

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, 4801 La Crosse Ave, Austin, TX 78739

Get ready to spread your wings and fly!

Email me to book your session today. (MWF mornings are best times.)

House Clearings – $125 per hour

Customized workshop offerings and retreats will be priced upon request.


What Other Clients Are Saying:

“Bridgette is a beautifully talented soul. The reading she gave me was incredible and the breath work meditation transformational.  Her love and authenticity shines through everything she does.  Plus, she is FUN!  Give yourself the gift of working with her.”  Tracy – Taipei, Taiwan

“Bridgette has such a compassionate, open-hearted approach to helping people to tune up to higher vibration and shift hearts and minds to more peace, love and joy. By combining her intuitive skills with coaching, she guides to discover your true, most deep desires and ways to elevate your life in the most gentle and steady way. Your life will shift, your heart will open, you will flow on the most inspiring wave of energy. Thank you so much for your light and energy work Bridgette , you are making the world a better place.”  Aneta – Austin, TX

“Working with Bridgette was a great experience. I love her positive energy and how, even when you feel like you’re making no sense or have lost any semblance of direction, she is able to help tie things back together with a fresh perspective. I feel like I’m on the right course after our time together!”   Lisa – Austin, Texas

“Bridgette has an amazing ability to make you feel comfortable and accepted in her presence. Through conversations, personal exercises and gentle guidance, she helped me to push away all my excuses and fears and uncover my own path in life. I think the best thing about Bridgette’s personality and life coaching style is that you can really feel she is doing this because she truly enjoys helping other people. Bridgette is generous, encouraging, intelligent and fun and you definitely will not regret choosing her as your life coach.”  Meghan – Hermosa Beach, California

“Bridgette is kind, gentle, honest, inquisitive & a natural at what she does! She lights up the room with her warmth! Each time I have worked with her (several) I have had more clarity, guidance and introspection as a result. It was moving without being too heavy. Emotional yet cathartic. I would recommend Bridgette to anyone looking for a deeper level experience.” Katie – Austin, TX

“After losing a close friend to suicide, I set out on a healing, spiritual journey. My expedition has been enriched with the addition of Bridgette–a gentle, compassionate, knowledgeable guide. She meets you where you are and, like a breath of fresh air she swoops in with a perspective, connection or tool that you hadn’t seen before. Every conversation leaves me feeling better equipped to continue on. I’m fueled by the ‘aha’ moments her coaching style brings and I know now there is no terrain that I cannot traverse…”   Laurie – Austin, TX

Find more from Martha Beck, including fascinating e-books and mp3s here.

Email: today to schedule your free consultation.

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