Monthly Archives: November 2018

Shante Ishta


Have you ever heard of the Native American practice of Shante Ishta? It’s the single eye of the heart. The direct path to heart-brain harmony. With all the disconnection and disappointment currently in our society, it seemed an appropriate tool to learn in our latest Love and Kindness Circle.

It’s a fairly simple, and extremely powerful, 3 step process:

1. Feel deeply into your heart center. Put your hand over your heart and breathe your attention fully into this space.

2. Intentionally slow your breath to approximately 5 second inhales/exhales. Continue at that calming pace. This tells your body it is completely safe and allows your cells to start working at their optimum level.

3.) Focus on something you are grateful for, or deeply care about. Care, gratitude, compassion, appreciation.

The more you do this, it starts to change your body for the better. The effects last for 6 hours after you do Shante Ishta. And if you do this practice for 3 days straight, it actually starts to alter your cells.

This is only a brief description, but the next time you start feeling anxious or worried, I hope it gives you something to play with to bring you back to your highest self. This beautiful heart connection is our one shared reality.