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Spring Equinox Breathwork & Sound Bath

Who’s ready for Spring and all the fresh new energy it brings? I know I am! 

We’re in a time of major transition on our beautiful Mother Earth. With this important shift, I’ve been feeling the pull to invite my soul’s energy back into my physical body. We are being asked to more fully inhabit our bodies and allow a higher frequency to reside within. “As within, so without.” This is how we begin to create a vibration of harmony and peace that then becomes available to all around us.

In order to do so, it’s necessary to let go of the stored trauma and stuck emotions that keep us from reaching our highest potential. Even if we’re doing the work on a conscious level, which so many of us are, we need a way to clear this stuck energy on a deeper, soul level. It’s the perfect time with the Spring Equinox to shed the old programming and prepare ourselves for this powerful, new rebirth!

If you’re feeling this pull, Valerie Bachman and I invite you to join us on Sunday, March 20 on the Spring Equinox to take a deep, sacred dive into this work. Using the power of sound vibration and intentional breath, we will take our physical bodies on a journey where our souls are ready to go. Each individual’s process will be unique. And we will be there holding sacred space and guiding you every step of the way.

Valerie playing the Crystal Bowls at Mandala Hills

There’s no experience required. Just come with an open heart and trust that you will have the exact experience you need in this moment.

We will be gathering outside on the beautiful deck of Mandala Hills in SW Austin. (Address will be provided upon registration.)

Energy Exchange Sliding Scale: $60-80
Sunday, March 20 from 3-6pm
You can reserve your spot today with Venmo @Bridgette-Parent

Please feel free to message me with any questions.

It is truly our honor to offer this sacred work for all who are ready. ❤

You can learn more about Valerie Bachman and Bridgette Parent Reid on our websites.

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