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Laura Tree & Bridgette Parent invite you to join us for an exquisite 5 hour journey!

A Divinely Guided


Raising Vibration through Sound
Powerful Crystals and Clear Intent
We Surrender and Recalibrate
Open & Heal
In Stillness, In Movement
We Allow & Trust
We Dive Deep into the Flow
Where Divine Creation
Summons Each One of Us
to Co-Create our Individual
Unique New Reality
We Go Beyond Normal
to Our New Now
Awakened with
Heightened Gratitude, Joy, Love

“Are you ready to the push yourself from your subconcious comfort zone into what’s truly possible?”

This retreat will include multiple sound baths combined with energetic healing and personal introspection, opening each of us to deep cellular shifts and highest-self clarity. All you have to do is show up and surrender to the magic.

Only 15 guests total for this intimate journey
(Covid vaccination and waiver required)
Positive Energy Exchange: $198
Register today with Venmo: @Bridgette-Parent

Laura Tree is a Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner providing certification in all levels of Reiki for over twenty five years. As a Sanskrit Mantra Therapist, Intuitive Guide, Atlantean Healer, Yoga & Meditation Instructor, Laura works with Earth & Celestial energies, often incorporating the assistance of the Crystal & Mineral kingdoms. These modalities activate subtle higher vibrational frequencies, individual to your needs, for developing mental, emotional, spiritual and physical balance.

A graduate of the Martha Beck Life Coaching Institute and Intuitive Arts Studio, Bridgette Parent founded Soul-Hive in 2012, offering life coaching, intuitive guidance & readings, deep healing breathwork meditations, Reiki, women’s circles, labyrinth workshops and international retreats.