What Others Are Saying…

Close UpI love to hear from this beautiful community! Please let me know if you see something that really hits home for you; or if you’d like to know more about something in particular on my site.  Your feedback is greatly appreciated.


“I recently had a transformative session with Bridgette, and I am truly grateful for the profound impact she has had on my life. Her compassionate and nurturing presence, combined with her extraordinary insight and understanding of the unseen, helped me overcome the deep emotional pain I had been carrying from the loss of my father and a difficult separation with my sister. In less than an hour, Bridgette’s healing energy enabled me to release the anger and sorrow that persisted even after two years of therapy, enabling me to reconnect with my sibling. Bridgette’s approach goes beyond just offering solutions; she is a dedicated teacher who empowers her clients to discover their own abilities for self-healing and growth. I wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone struggling with blocked energy and those who are committed to personal development. Bridgette’s expertise and genuine care have the power to transform lives.

Eva – Austin, TX

Bridgette is a gift! She is a deeply connected, intuitive master. I have witnessed her magic numerous times and still am in awe. She listens deeply and hears beyond just words. With her guidance you can experience deep healing, clarity and an awareness beyond measure. I literally love knowing that Bridgette is in the world shining her light and connecting others to theirs.”

Connie – Tampa, FL

“Oh my goodness. Bridgette did a reading for me a few weeks ago and I am still getting chills from it. Her gentle and warm way made me feel so comfortable. I didn’t know why I particularly wanted a reading, I just did. Wow. All I can say is that I was MEANT to have that reading with Bridgette. It helped me do some really deep healing. Totally unexpected and such a blessing. Since then, I keep realising things that linked back to the reading that weren’t clear at the time. It turns out, a totally new direction for my business that I LOVE was actually in the reading! Ha! Isn’t life magical? If you are in anyway lead to have time with Bridgette, do it. She is the real deal. 150%.”

Dr. Lara – Melbourne, Australia

“Bridgette is a beautifully talented soul. The reading she gave me was incredible and the breath work meditation transformational.  Her love and authenticity shines through everything she does.  Plus, she is FUN!  Give yourself the gift of working with her.”  

Tracy – Taipei, Taiwan

Bridgette used her cards to open up our life coaching session. I was completely blown away at the accuracy of the reading. Bridgette so beautifully placed the meaning of the cards into context of my life and was able to open my eyes to things I needed to see. Tearfully the reading struck my core and left me feeling clear, open and free. The day after this reading was one of the best days of my life. I felt a sense of happiness and lightness that I’m not sure I have ever felt before. My life was the same but it was the shift in perception that had changed. I’m forever grateful.”   

Frida – Palos Verdes, CA

“Working with Bridgette was a great experience. I love her positive energy and how, even when you feel like you’re making no sense or have lost any semblance of direction, she is able to help tie things back together with a fresh perspective. I feel like I’m on the right course after our time together!”   

Lisa – Austin, Texas

“Bridgette has an amazing ability to make you feel comfortable and accepted in her presence. Through conversations, personal exercises and gentle guidance, she helped me to push away all my excuses and fears and uncover my own path in life. I think the best thing about Bridgette’s personality and life coaching style is that you can really feel she is doing this because she truly enjoys helping other people. Bridgette is generous, encouraging, intelligent and fun and you definitely will not regret choosing her as your life coach.”  

Meghan – Hermosa Beach, California

“After losing a close friend to suicide, I set out on a healing, spiritual journey. My expedition has been enriched with the addition of Bridgette–a gentle, compassionate, knowledgeable guide. She meets you where you are and, like a breath of fresh air she swoops in with a perspective, connection or tool that you hadn’t seen before. Every conversation leaves me feeling better equipped to continue on. I’m fueled by the ‘aha’ moments her coaching style brings and I know now there is no terrain that I cannot traverse…”   

Laurie – Austin, TX

“Imagine riding a star in the Milky Way wearing a Superwoman/Superman cape. That’s what I felt like working with Bridgette. Damn, this woman is the shit. She helped me to mine and rediscover the gems already laden within me, and she helped me do this in such a way that seemed so thrilling, even magical. Bridgette is so easy to talk to, and one of the most supportive individuals out there that I know. Her effervescence permeates the telephone – she is that bright and REAL. I came to Bridgette in the winter of 2016 looking for support for my upcoming run across Australia, a huge undertaking. She helped me to keep my head on straight, and to love myself regardless of what I produce/accomplish/DO. She helped me to BE more ME! A little nudge goes a LONG way in this area! Sometimes it takes the right one at the right time to hold the mirror up to you so that you can remember your own heart. Bridgette was that someone for me at the time our paths crossed that winter. I am so grateful, not only for her help, but also to come out with someone I can now call a friend! Pick Bridgette to be your ‘guru!’ You will thank yourself later.”    

Katie V. – Austin, TX

“Working with Bridgette was one of the best gifts I could have given to myself. In the midst of many transitions (career change and post baccalaureate program), I discovered I was pregnant. This exciting news filled my heart with joy yet such immense anxiety. I found myself experiencing panic attacks that led to a deep depression. All of my relationships were directly impacted by this sudden loss of control and worry. Feeling overwhelmed, I reached out to Bridgette for guidance. She was truly caring, thoughtful, and compassionate – all qualities I could not give myself. Being a pregnant, full time working student meant I needed someone with flexible consulting hours -Bridgette always made our sessions convenient. Even after my sessions had ‘ended’ Bridgette made a point to check in on me and my family. Her whole heart and genuine being is in her practice. I am so grateful for the love, honesty, and support she continues to give.”  

Marjorie – Hermosa Beach, CA

Thank you for the peace you share with me.” 

Debra – Tampa, FL

Bridgette, I’ve so enjoyed the various breath work and meditations that you’ve facilitated since I’ve known you! What a thrill it would be to be able to marinate in your magic in anyplace, let alone Aruba! You have such a kind, accepting presence that facilitates ‘unselfconscious,’ honesty, and discussion of all things. Your reiki was healing, relaxing and eye-opening.”  

Katie S.C. – Austin, TX

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  1. Lindsay Toren

    After 3 months of my house being on the market to rent I asked Bridgette if she could come over to sage my house. The cleansing ceremony of the house was so beautiful and such a treat to give a space I had loved a proper goodbye. Within 3 days of the saging my house it had an offer to rent!!! So grateful and thankful for Bridgette and the beautiful love and light she gave to my home.

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