Spiritual Seekers of Austin

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Spiritual Seekers of Austinis an open-hearted community of neighbors with the desire to genuinely connect and respectfully share conversation, ideas and resources. This is a space of learning and wonder.

There are no religious affiliations and no sides. The only guiding principles here are kindness, curiosity and respect.
Our intention is to create a safe space for authentic connection and spiritual growth through community
It’s our hope to have many different types of opportunities for members of this group to meet face-to-face. Backyard community circles, philosophical discussions, meditations, healing circles, breathwork, labyrinth gatherings, card readings, intuitive explorations, you name it. 


There are so many great resources right here among us that we can share. But please don’t just use this page to promote your events. This page is for discussion, creating an open, respectful dialogue about big ideas and things that matter…
What are we pondering?
What do we want to explore deeper?
Why are we here?

These are some interesting times we live in and there’s no shortage of heaviness all around. So let’s not take ourselves too seriously here. We can go deep as long as we come with humility in our hearts and a true desire for connection without ego. If you feel something may be offensive, think twice before you share it. We are all in this together. We can share opposing ideas with respect and integrity. That’s how we grow.

Let’s get to know each other and have some fun examining the mysteries of this “wild and precious life.”


I look forward to walking this journey with you!!

With Love & Appreciation,


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Labyrinth prayer