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What Has Fall Inspired In YOU?

Fall Pic

The incredible, colorful beauty of Fall brings such a feeling of excitement and anticipation. It almost makes me giddy. Maybe it’s because I live in Austin and am desperate to escape the oppressive summer heat; maybe it’s because I love all things “pumpkin spice”. But on a deeper level, it might just be the refreshing notion of the changing cycles in life. Whatever it is, I love to see how people react.

Fall Tree

Just this morning I went to the super market and was tickled to see people wearing full-on coats, boots and scarves because the outside temp was…wait for it…69 degrees. I call said coat-wearers “Season Rushers” and they seriously make me smile. Because they are preparing for what they know is bound to be right around the corner, and gosh doggett, they are going to be READY!! However…and this is just a thought…what if the weather is actually getting warmer? All the way up to 80 today and now you’re stuck wearing five layers of warmth that you can’t easily discard without ruining your stylish outfit? What if you sacrificed your comfort today for what you THOUGHT was coming, maybe even WISHED was coming, when you could have been much happier in your regular jeans and single layer shirt?

We’re all guilty of this, myself included, firing up the old crock pot for a hearty pot roast on day one of the cool snap. But all of this preemptive action got me thinking…if we could just live in the present moment, we would probably make choices to better suit the present moment, and probably be happier for it. Or would we? Is the pot roast as delicious when you have to turn on the A/C to enjoy it? Some food for thought.

In addition to my pot roast, this Fall season inspired me to create this colorful little succulent garden. What has it inspired in YOU???

Succulent Garden