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A State of Heart

So often we hear, “It’s a state of mind.” But what I’ve found is that the mind can only take us so far. If something’s missing in your life and you can’t seem to find your happy place, my bet is that it’s time to shift your “state of heart.”

Cultural norms and daily pressures can lead us into daily routines that may serve us in the short-term, but rarely lead us into true joy. I recently read a quote in Martha Beck’s latest book, “The Way of Integrity” that resonated with me – “If something’s not working, don’t do it harder” and expect a better outcome. We’re told if we just work “hard enough” we can accomplish all of our goals. But the real question is what are your TRUE goals? Not what society tells you that you need, but what really brings you to your happy place? When you break it down, it’s usually something pretty simple. Peace. Time with my family. Laughter. Feeling the sun on my face. What is it for you? The only way to find out is to get still, quiet the mind…and ask your heart.

2020 – It’s Not for the Faint of Heart. Are You Ready?

2020 is already shaping up to be a year full of shake-up’s and surprises. It’s up to us to find our anchor point, stay grounded, and ride the waves of change. We can be the calm in the storm. And…we can be the lightning bolt! Different situations will call for different actions. We will need to be courageous, and vulnerable. Be true to your inner compass and you’ll always know what to do.

I sat in silence on January 1st and asked for guidance for the coming year. This is what appeared:

My cards for 2020. 🌟🔮🌟

Master Jesus: Forgiveness. You are on the path of light, love and forgiveness. Father healing is possible at this time.
Golden Solar Dragon: Helps you stand in your masculine power with WISDOM. Let your DNA be reprogrammed and light codes activated. Become an inspired leader.
Share Your Voice: Come out of the cave. Persecution. Expression.

It feels like 2020 is a time to Heal the Patriarchy. With forgiveness, love, authenticity.

It’s time to free ourselves from past persecutions and shine in our fullest light. The world needs us. And the time is now.

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Magic Soul Retreat in Aruba



If this excites your soul, join Gea and I for a Free Call on June 17 at 10AM CST to answer any questions you might have about this amazing retreat.

Find more details here.

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explore life


Live life with the wonder of a child. Go explore!

A Coming Together of the Tribe

Beautiful Sunset - compressed
Last month, I went to San Diego for my second-ever Summit, designed with love and mad creativity for over 400 Martha Beck trained coaches worldwide. These happen every two years, and I think the only way to really describe them is…they are MAGICAL! Seriously. Magical.

Martha Beck’s ideas about how life can be so much easier if we just “lean into” what is and “Ride the Dragon” are so simple, yet so powerful. She truly leads by example with how she continues to manifest the most incredible, magical and generous life she can imagine. That’s just it – IMAGINATION is everything! If we can imagine it, we can make it happen.

I am buzzing with excitement and enthusiasm ready to share all of the many, many pearls of wisdom I took away from this life changing weekend. Stay tuned for new workshops and other creative events that are in the works.

The sunset above was captured on the last day of the 3 day Summit. Completely unaltered, the beautiful pink dots around the sun and the one bright orange spot at the bottom are magnificent.

Martha Beck, Adam Beck and Me - compressed
Here I am with Martha Beck and her son, Adam. You may remember him from Martha’s book, “Expecting Adam” – he is an absolutely gorgeous soul this one!

A Jump Start for the New Year

Are you ready to be the change you seek in 2014? If so, join us for “Bossed Up Bootcamp” in Austin on Jan 25-26. It will be an inspiring, fun weekend filled with local experts to help you create the authentic, meaningful and rewarding life of your dreams.

As a Martha Beck Life Coach, I’m excited to be one of the presenters. I’ll be specifically focusing on Goal Attainment.

You can receive a $50 discount by using my last name: REID.

Bossed Up Bootcamp

Hope to see you there!

Bossed Up Bootcamp - Austin, TX - Jan 25-26, 2014   Register Today!

Bossed Up Bootcamp – Austin, TX – Jan 25-26, 2014
Register Today!

Bossed Up Bootcamp – Austin, TX – Jan 25-26

On my path…

It’s been such an amazing year for me…graduating from the Martha Beck Life Coaching Institute, quitting my corporate job after 17 years in the business, and most exciting of all…becoming a mommy-to-be!  Yep, definitely a few of what you may consider MAJOR life changes this year.  And all DEFINITELY for the best!

Nothing like a leisurely bike ride in Fiji

I feel like timing is everything, and things happen for you when you’re ready for them.  It took me a while to get here, but I finally feel like I’m on the right path and… at the exact right time for me.

I’ve always wanted to help people, and I’ve always felt this underlying desire to do more with my life.  But…like so many of us… I had NO idea what that looked like.  I was always searching, waiting for the perfect thing to drop into my lap.  But then I realized it doesn’t have to be perfect, and it doesn’t have to come with all of the answers.   If I just go in the direction that feels right at this moment, it will ultimately lead me to where I’m supposed to be.  You just have to have a little faith, and not get caught up with the bumps along the way.  The Alchemist is one of my favorite books; and as in this fable, I truly believe all of those little “bumps” are preparing us for what’s in store, to help us when we get there.

Everyone’s journey is unique.  And I wouldn’t trade a moment of mine because it’s made me ready for this very moment.  And here I am,  on my path.  I’m not sure where it will end up; but I’m excited to keep taking steps in the direction that feels right.