Go Running Tours – Austin

Ward up closeIf you’re a runner (any level) and love to get outdoors and explore new trails, you should check out Go Running Tours. My husband, Ward Reid, is a fun-loving Aussie who is passionate about his fitness. His favorite thing to do (other than spend time with his family of course) is to hit the road/path/trail on foot and connect with his surroundings. He has an incredible knack for finding his way through a new place and always comes out smiling on the other side. So many friends have loved to go on these adventures with him that he’s decided to open this up for more to go off the beaten path (either through the heart of the city or out in the trails of the Greenbelt) and explore the hidden gems of Austin, TX.

These tours can be customized for individuals or groups visiting Austin, as well as locals who are looking for something new. Just reach out to Ward and he’ll put together what you need.

Happy Trails Austin!

Running Tours in Austin