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Most of these events happen on a somewhat recurring basis. So feel free to shoot me an email if you’re interested in one of these and want to get on a “first-to-know” list.

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Find Your Voice…Speak Your Truth
Wednesday, April 25th, 2018
Bastrop, TX

We invite you to come and play with us – Julie Puentes, Margaret WebbBridgette Parent Reid, and the Horse Link Herd – for what is bound to be a special day in Bastrop, TX (an easy 45 minute drive from Austin).

In this day and age with technology and non-stop online distractions things can begin to feel quite chaotic, making it easy to lose connection with our authentic selves. It’s a real gift to be able to unplug for a day in order to breathe…and hear our inner voice again.


In this full-day Equus program, we combine our training and experience, along with our amazing four-legged teachers, to help you sort through the noise and frenzy and allow some powerful opportunities to unfold…

  •  shifting from a place of reaction to one of observation
  •  listening to one’s authentic self
  •  noticing what it feels like in the body to acknowledge and speak/act in truth
  •  recognizing patterns that may emerge in similar interactions with friends/co-workers/family/etc.
  • taking responsibility for the energy we bring to a situation and standing strong in our authenticity
When you are not in touch with your authentic self you cannot show up fully as the person you want to be. Many find ourselves “people pleasing” which leads to an undercurrent of frustration, irritation, annoyance, etc. when our own wants and needs continually get ignored. For some, it might feel really uncomfortable when you first start shifting this awareness because putting your own needs aside is a familiar habit, an old pattern. This program is designed to help you develop awareness around this and ultimately create new, healthy patterns that allow you the freedom to be YOU!
The horses absolutely LOVE it when we show up as our true selves because it means that we are capable of leading, and keeping the herd safe. What wonderful lessons they can teach us!
During this powerful workshop, you can trust that you will encounter the exact experience that your soul needs for its highest personal growth right now. One of the participants last year said she got more in this one day than she did in 20 years of therapy! Seriously! And this is the thing…we never know what’s going to come out of these Equus days. We just show up and let the magic unfold. 
Cost – $350 (note- A portion of this goes to support HorseLink, a nonprofit horse retirement sanctuary.)
*This fee is non-refundable however you can gift your spot to someone if you cannot make it.
*In the case of inclement weather, we will reschedule the event.
**Snacks and beverages will be provided. Participants will bring their own lunch. (If you prefer to have a lunch from SNAP Kitchen provided, there will be an extra charge.) No horse experience necessary! We will not be riding the horses and all of the activities take place on the ground.
There are 8 spots available and once the spots are taken, we will create a waitlist.Oh and if you’ve done an event with us before or a similar type event, we’d love to have you back! Horses are brilliant at helping us see the patterns that might be creating tension and we can help you tune into YOU even more!! We continue to learn things about ourselves each and every time we are around them!

Click here to reserve your spot today.

Ready to Rise - Summer Series 2017- Flyer

READY TO RISE – Virtual Summer Series with Margaret Webb & Bridgette Parent Reid

6 Calls on Enlightening Topics, with Practical and Magical Journal Exercises for each

June, July & August 2017

Every other Saturday from 3:30-5pm  CST 

June 10, 24; July 8, 22; August 5, 19

Ready to Rise - Opening Page - lightened

What is your soul craving right now? 

Connection with other seekers who are full of love and curiosity, and a desire to make the world a better place?
Are you looking for your people? Your tribe?
Wanting to understand and tap into your own intuition? And your greatest sources of strength and wisdom?
Ready to remember who you are, drop the stories that no longer serve you, and rise up to your highest potential?
Is it time for your soul to be seen? As your TRUE SELF?
Yes…it’s time.  
Things are shifting. It’s no longer status quo. Not in the world around us, and not in ourselves. People are confused, and feel a sense of urgency to find and practice what’s real.
Things are being brought to the surface so that we can heal, grow, and help others.
This is not about putting on blinders. We know there’s a lot of uncertainty and pain in the world. But together, we can help each other wake up. We can be the change we want to see.

Together, WE CAN RISE. 

Rise Sister Rise - book coverWe plan to play a lot with the passages and burning soul questions from this book: “Rise Sister Rise – a Guide to Unleashing the Wise, Wild Woman Within” by Rebecca Campbell. It’s not imperative that you get this book to join the group. We’ll give you the bits you need for each call. But we do highly recommend it! (Here’s the link if you prefer the audio version.)


June 10, 2017:  

“Goodbye to the Good Girl”

“Own Who You Are”

June 24, 2017:

“When Whispers Turn Into Shouts”

“Old Identities and What’s No Longer Sustainable”

July 8, 2017:    

“Pleasure Not Pressure”

“Allowing Yourself to be Held”

July 22, 2017:

“The Suppression of the Female Voice”

“How are You Silencing Yourself? Dimming Your Light?”

August 5, 2017:  

“What is Yours to Do?”

“You are Boundless”

August 19, 2017:  

“Being the Change Before It’s the Norm”

 “The Initiation”

Only $100 investment for the WHOLE SUMMER!!!

  • 6 Enlightening Calls with a TRIBE of Fellow Seekers (all calls will be recorded)
  • Guided by experienced Life Coaches Margaret Webb & Bridgette Parent Reid
  • Journal Exercises with Thought-Provoking and Soul-Opening Questions
  • Access to a Private Facebook Group to Share and Be Supported on Your Journey



If you’re in Austin, TX, please stop by my booth at the Circle C Business Fair on Saturday, April 21, 2017 from 10am-noon. I’ll be giving free mini card readings and having a drawing for a free life coaching session. 🙂

READY TO RISE – 6 Month Coaching Immersion Program

January-June, 2017


If you are feeling the call to RISE UP to your own HIGHEST POTENTIAL – we are ready to give you the jump start you’ve been craving. Let’s do this! With passion, focus, play, and wild, loving support, 2017 will be YOUR YEAR!!

Join Austin-based life coaches, Margaret Webb and Bridgette Parent Reid, starting this January for what is sure to be a heart-expanding and leap-taking 6 month journey, ultimately creating …an empowering pathway to your own HIGHEST LIFE.

We will have one in person meeting each month, along with one group call between each visit. Calls will be approximately 1 hour each. Meeting times will vary depending on the activity. (Snacks and refreshments will be included at all events unless otherwise noted.)


We are only accepting 8 women into this program. Are you one of the “Awesome 8” ready to connect, learn, grow and…shine your highest light?

JANUARY – Creating the Vision

Friday, January 13, 9AM-Noon  (3 hours)

January “A La Carte” Price: $150

This session is all about reconnecting with your essential self and figuring out what it is that you truly, TRULY, want in your life. We will introduce you to the ancient Medicine Wheel as a tool to help us create our vision. From the small stuff to the wild and seemingly outlandish goals, we will set intentions and get very clear about your authentic desires. This fun and powerful exercise will give you an energetic signature to set the tone for the rest of our journey together. (Materials for vision boards included.)

Friday, January 27, 10-11:30AM – CALL

FEBRUARY – Making Fire


Friday, Feb 10, 9AM-Noon (3 hours)

February “A La Carte” Price: $150

“How we do anything is how we do everything.” Through the act of building a fire, this session is about connecting you with your process and witnessing first-hand how you approach going after your desired goal. This is one of our favorite coaching tools as it always gives great insight about how we handle the challenges that come our way and the perfect feedback for how we might apply this to different areas in our life.

Friday, February 24, 10-11:30AM – CALL

MARCH – Labyrinth Wisdom

fb_img_1479786076386Friday, Mar 10, 9-Noon  (3 hours)

March “A La Carte” Price: $150

“Release.Receive.Return.” This session will be like your very own heroine’s journey. By now, you’ve set intentions and seen patterns for how you engage in life. This is a great opportunity to release what is holding you back, receive the wisdom that is always there for you, and to allow yourself to return to the real world with this new-found awareness. The journey within is always the deepest, and most rewarding.

Friday, March 24, 4-5:30PM – CALL

APRIL – Exploring Your Intuition

Friday, APR 7, 9AM-Noon (3 hours)

April “A La Carte” Price: $150

december-circle-at-christinas-houseTime to tap into your own practical magic! We are all so much more powerful than we realize. In this session, we will play with ways to connect to our inner wisdom and learn how to use our bodies as a natural guide. No crystal balls here, just real life exercises to help you stay grounded and in alignment with the energy internet.

Friday, April 21, 10-11:30AM – CALL

MAY – Horse Play

Thursday, May 4, 9am-5pm  (Full Day – 8 hours; Lunch & Snacks provided)

May “A La Carte” Price: $300

margaret-webb-horseThis day of equus is all about playing with intentions, dropping fear and noticing what happens when we shift our energy, even in the slightest ways. These powerful 4-legged creatures are incredible teachers who can reflect our energy back to us, brilliantly illustrating how these types of exchanges can meaningfully impact our “2-legged” human relationships just the same.

Friday, April 19, 10-11:30AM – CALL

JUNE – Ranch Retreatranch-retreat

Saturday, Jun 3, 11am – Jun 4, 11am   (Overnight – 24 hours total; Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast & Snacks provided)

This one night retreat will be a grand celebration of all that we’ve accomplished in our six months together. So often we miss this piece, but not this time! It’s important to look at each participants’ journey and honor all that you’ve done. We will have a chance to play with some of the tools we’ve learned and more importantly connect with our new tribe of sisters. We will celebrate our individual journeys and collectively, we will continue to RISE UP stronger than ever! 

Friday, June 16, 10-11:30AM – Final CALL! 

June A La Carte Price: $350

2016-05-01_13.46.00Full Price for this 6 Month Coaching Immersion Program is $1,100 per person. 

All activities, materials, food and refreshments, as well as ranch accommodations, are included in the price. All sessions are in Austin, TX. Exact location will be given upon registration. (Ranch Retreat is a 2 hour drive from Austin.) 

Monthly payment plans of $195/month are available if you sign up for the full 6 month program.

If you don’t think you can make every session but you really want to be a part of the magic, you can still participate on a month by month basis:

January, February, March & April are $150 each for the 3 hour activity and the follow up group call.

The Equus Workshop in May and follow-up group call is $300.

The Ranch Retreat and final wrap-up call is $350. 

Are you ready to kick start your 2017 with passion and focus? Reserve your spot today.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information and to sign up!

Learn more about Margaret Webb at and Bridgette Parent Reid at




Sun-Day-Cation for the SOUL (Belleair, FL)

We are so excited to announce this special SUN DAY-CATION for the Soul! 🙂 A day that is filled with DIVINE REST and SACRED PLAY. A day to spend time WITHIN and find that space that feels peaceful and unhurried as we ask the questions, “Who AM I Really?” (Hint, it can’t be what you do.) And, “What Do I REALLY Want?”

Hosted by 3 Martha Beck coaches – Connie Black from Clearwater, FL, Tracey Carrothers from Nicholasville, Kentucky and Bridgette Parent from Austin, Texas.

Together, we’ll bring our wisdom, intuition and life experience to share PRACTICAL ways to tap into your PERSONAL MAGIC. With meditation, intuitive games and divine creativity, we will help you get clear on “what you REALLY want” and guide you through what to do when resistance shows up. And you know it always shows up!

Join us Sunday, September 25th, 1-5pm for the ultimate day of SELF CARE, CONNECTION, MOTIVATION & MAGIC!

EARLY BIRD PRICING before September 19th = $59.

After Sep 19th = $75.

Pre-payment is required for registration by emailing

Space is limited.

(Location details provided upon registration.)

This day is about going AUTHENTICALLY WILD and feeling free to CREATE what’s next for you! You don’t want to miss it!

Can’t wait to see you there, Xo

Connie, Tracy & Bridgette