Campfire Sessions

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My family hit the road in the summer of 2017 and headed up north and out west for an epic camping adventure! We hope these memories will inspire you to follow your dreams and make your own grand adventure happen one day soon…


We stopped in Roswell, the Petrified Forest, the Grand Canyon, Zion, Bryce Canyon, the Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, Mt. Ranier, Seattle, San Juan Islands, the whole Oregon coast, the Redwoods, SoCal, White Sands, NM and so many unique places in between. It was a trip of a lifetime! But certainly not our last. 


Gorgeous valleys filled with majestic horses in Idaho. 


Along the way, we had many “Campfire Sessions”  where we gathered with the locals for connection, laughter, sharing of stories, healing, intuitive readings, spontaneous play and…deep soul growth

We are SEEKERS. 


And we know that there’s more to life than the monotonous routine that we’re served in our daily lives. We want to have the real conversations. We want to get to know you. We want to build community that helps each other. That trusts one another. We want to create a different model for ourselves and for anyone else who’s hungry for more. 


Meeting in beautiful parks, surrounded by nature. Sometimes in the day, sometimes at night amongst the stars. Guitars, music, s’mores, ghost stories, dancing, laughter, tears…anything goes. 



So what’s this all about? Showing up as your full self. Being vulnerable and therefore able to be seen for who you really are. Being reminded of that part of yourself that you love and admire. The one you numbed out over the years but really miss. 



Let’s have intellectual conversations around quantum physics, universal energy, global warming, life on other planets, shamans, community gardening, crystals, revamping our education system, politics, our worries, our fears, our dreams. Let’s meet each other where we are. Let’s broaden our horizons and show our kids a new paradigm. 


This is how we learn. This is how we grow. This is how we heal. This is how we love. 


Join the adventure. 


Become a member of our FB group, Soul-Hive Campfire Sessions, and keep the village alive and thriving.  


Let’s have some fun, learn from each other and change the world one campfire at a time.


Family photo

Soul-Hive Decal Final

Gallery from Summer Road Trip 2017:



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Bottomless Lakes State Park, NM
Driving up to our campsite at Bottomless Lakes State Park in Roswell, NM

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