Raising Your Vibration To Match the Abundant Laws of the Universe

I came across this post today on “Wake Up World” and I just had to share. It’s discussing how we can raise our vibrational frequency which is what Soul-Hive is all about. The important caveat is not to confuse prosperity with money – they are NOT one and the same.  Once you realize that, and can tap into the higher frequency of your true authenticity, then that’s where the magic happens.

Read some interesting excerpts from Nanice Ellis’ article below:

“The Law of Prosperity – How to Make It Work for You”

There is not just one law in the Universe that governs all. There exist multi-level laws in our Universe. Your personal vibration dictates what laws apply to you and your life, at any given moment. This means that we cannot expect higher laws to serve us when we are not a vibrational match to those laws.

The laws of the Universe are subject to our personal versions of reality, which is dictated by our thoughts and beliefs which in turn creates our individual vibration. Your vibration is an energy that you emit which is a magnet to the world around you.

Most of us associate money with prosperity but money is simply a symbol of prosperity in our physical world. Money may measure prosperity but money is not and can never be prosperity. You cannot eat, drink or breathe money. Maybe there is so much scarcity around money because intrinsically we know that money is not prosperity and we keep looking to it as if it is. We can never have enough money to feel prosperous. The outward search for prosperity is an alignment with scarcity.

In fact, the outward search for anything is an alignment with scarcity.

The point is, first become fulfilled inside and then you can see what you really want – which has everything to do with prosperity.

If your thoughts are negative and you often feel down, your vibration is low. The law of prosperity exists on a higher vibration – if you feel happy, positive and energized, you are likely vibrating at a higher vibration. The law of prosperity will not come down and meet you. If you want this law to work for you, you must rise up to meet it. You must raise your vibration in order to invoke the Law of Prosperity.

Our ego-minds tend to look for what is missing or lacking and this aligns us with scarcity, but you are not your ego-mind. You can make a conscious choice to place your awareness on the abundance that is already in your life – right now – things like air, water, nature, love, kindness, food, wisdom…. Thinking about having an abundance of air to last your whole life and having unlimited love to share, can make you feel incredibly prosperous.

When you experience yourself as prosperous, you raise your vibration and you align with the law of prosperity. You get what you give. When you give off a vibration of prosperity, the Universe gives you more prosperity.

Finally, the law of prosperity is the law of love. Vibrate with love and you are infinitely prosperous. This means love life, love what you do, love your family, love your friends, love who you are, love the planet, love the Universe. Find anything and everything to love. The more you love, the higher you raise your vibration. The higher your vibration, the more you will naturally tune into the vibration of prosperity, but don’t be surprised if you discover that the Beatles were right all along, and “All You Need Is Love,” because Love is All You Need.

john lennon - all you need is love

You can read the full article here.

If you’re interested in raising your vibrational frequency, email me for a free consult.  Let’s raise the roof together!

My Buddha Baby

20150613_110915_resizedI’ve been on a little break since the birth of my second son, sweet Bodhi. He was born in January and has brought a new level of joy to my existence. I can’t get enough of his marshmallow cheeks and soulful, bright eyes.

With my first son named Rumi after the 13th century Sufi poet, we couldn’t really name this guy Mikey. So throughout my pregnancy, I begged my growing baby to please tell me his name because I was struggling to find one that felt right and I was getting closer and closer to meeting him. Finally, when I was 7+ months into it, the name came to me in one of my sleepless prego nights. I knew instantly this was it – Bodhi! From the place the Buddha found enlightenment, under the Bodhi Tree, meaning “awakened,” understanding the true nature of things. Yes!  This was the perfect complement to Rumi. This was the name of our next son. I was dying to tell my husband but it was the middle of the night and I couldn’t bring myself to wake him. So I laid awake with giddy excitement for what seemed like forever, hoping he would share my enthusiasm when he woke.

Lucky for me, he did. From that moment on we had a name and things started to feel differently, like I was starting to get to know my son in a whole new way. And I honestly believe that the name came directly from him. It is so fitting; not only with his calm, happy nature, but also in his appearance. I love that I held out and listened to my inner voice to finally hear it.

SuperPhoto_150615204736_resized_1       FB_IMG_1434427292154_resized

Welcome my beautiful Buddha baby, sweet Bodhi James.


A Breath of Fresh Air


There’s nothing like a little walk in nature to boost your energy levels.  The sunshine and fresh air get your creative juices flowin’ and uplifts your entire perspective. If you’re feeling stuck, it’s one of the best ways to pull you back into harmony – physically, mentally and spiritually.


Lucky for me, I have a beautiful sanctuary in my back yard. The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center in South Austin is the perfect place to top up your good vibrations.

FB_IMG_1434428047314_resized    FB_IMG_1434428054971_resized


What Has Fall Inspired In YOU?

Fall Pic

The incredible, colorful beauty of Fall brings such a feeling of excitement and anticipation. It almost makes me giddy. Maybe it’s because I live in Austin and am desperate to escape the oppressive summer heat; maybe it’s because I love all things “pumpkin spice”. But on a deeper level, it might just be the refreshing notion of the changing cycles in life. Whatever it is, I love to see how people react.

Fall Tree

Just this morning I went to the super market and was tickled to see people wearing full-on coats, boots and scarves because the outside temp was…wait for it…69 degrees. I call said coat-wearers “Season Rushers” and they seriously make me smile. Because they are preparing for what they know is bound to be right around the corner, and gosh doggett, they are going to be READY!! However…and this is just a thought…what if the weather is actually getting warmer? All the way up to 80 today and now you’re stuck wearing five layers of warmth that you can’t easily discard without ruining your stylish outfit? What if you sacrificed your comfort today for what you THOUGHT was coming, maybe even WISHED was coming, when you could have been much happier in your regular jeans and single layer shirt?

We’re all guilty of this, myself included, firing up the old crock pot for a hearty pot roast on day one of the cool snap. But all of this preemptive action got me thinking…if we could just live in the present moment, we would probably make choices to better suit the present moment, and probably be happier for it. Or would we? Is the pot roast as delicious when you have to turn on the A/C to enjoy it? Some food for thought.

In addition to my pot roast, this Fall season inspired me to create this colorful little succulent garden. What has it inspired in YOU???

Succulent Garden

Bluebonnets & Bees

Bluebonnets and bees - compressedIt’s Bluebonnet season in the Texas hill country and with these gorgeous fields of wildflowers, come all the beautiful bees buzzing around keeping the precious cycle of life in balance.

This image got me thinking…what are the pollinators in my life?  Keeping my precious life in balance?  When I really think about it, LOVE is the ultimate pollinator.  It comes in many forms…my baby boy’s laughter, an unexpected date night with my big guy, or even just taking a few minutes out of my day to meditate and be grateful.  And of course – pictures!  I absolutely love capturing an image like this, feeling so close to nature and reminding myself of the beauty in every day things.

Who and what are the pollinators of your life?  Be mindful of them. Treasure them.  And just like these vibrant bluebonnets, keep attracting more of them into your life.

A Coming Together of the Tribe

Beautiful Sunset - compressed
Last month, I went to San Diego for my second-ever Summit, designed with love and mad creativity for over 400 Martha Beck trained coaches worldwide. These happen every two years, and I think the only way to really describe them is…they are MAGICAL! Seriously. Magical.

Martha Beck’s ideas about how life can be so much easier if we just “lean into” what is and “Ride the Dragon” are so simple, yet so powerful. She truly leads by example with how she continues to manifest the most incredible, magical and generous life she can imagine. That’s just it – IMAGINATION is everything! If we can imagine it, we can make it happen.

I am buzzing with excitement and enthusiasm ready to share all of the many, many pearls of wisdom I took away from this life changing weekend. Stay tuned for new workshops and other creative events that are in the works.

The sunset above was captured on the last day of the 3 day Summit. Completely unaltered, the beautiful pink dots around the sun and the one bright orange spot at the bottom are magnificent.

Martha Beck, Adam Beck and Me - compressed
Here I am with Martha Beck and her son, Adam. You may remember him from Martha’s book, “Expecting Adam” – he is an absolutely gorgeous soul this one!

I Can Do It! – Coming to Austin, TX!

Hay House, Inc.

I am so excited about this Hay House 2-day event coming to Austin!

Look at this amazing line-up of speakers:

Wayne Dyer, Doreen Virtue, Dr. Brian Weiss, Dr. Cristiane Northrup, John Holland, Kris Carr, Caroline Myss, Robert Holden, Gabrielle Bernstein, Anita Moorjani, Nick Ortner and so many more!

I’ve already bought my tickets for both days.  You can click the link above to get yours.

Hope to see you there!


Do you constantly find yourself saying things like:

“There’s not enough time.”
“If only I had more money.”
“I wish I had more love in my life.”

This fun, interactive workshop is designed to break open your beliefs around scarcity and help you start living the abundant life you desire!

Sign up now for this invigorating 3 part tele-class:

July 15, 22, 29 – 2014
Tuesdays, 7-8pm CST

$99 for 3 part series

Space is limited. Registration closes June 29, 2014.

There is a lie that acts like a virus within the mind of humanity. And that lie is, ‘There’s not enough good to go around. There’s lack and there’s limitation and there’s just not enough.’

The truth is that there’s more than enough good to go around. There is more than enough creative ideas. There is more than enough power. There is more than enough love. There’s more than enough joy. All of this begins to come through a mind that is aware of its own infinite nature.

There is enough for everyone. If you believe it, if you can see it, if you act from it, it will show up for you. That’s the truth.

― Michael Beckwith

A Jump Start for the New Year

Are you ready to be the change you seek in 2014? If so, join us for “Bossed Up Bootcamp” in Austin on Jan 25-26. It will be an inspiring, fun weekend filled with local experts to help you create the authentic, meaningful and rewarding life of your dreams.

As a Martha Beck Life Coach, I’m excited to be one of the presenters. I’ll be specifically focusing on Goal Attainment.

You can receive a $50 discount by using my last name: REID.

Bossed Up Bootcamp

Hope to see you there!

Bossed Up Bootcamp - Austin, TX - Jan 25-26, 2014   Register Today!

Bossed Up Bootcamp – Austin, TX – Jan 25-26, 2014
Register Today!

Bossed Up Bootcamp – Austin, TX – Jan 25-26

What Are You Waiting For?


You never really know
when it will come.
Rising, laying foot
into the same imprint
you’ve made yesterday
and the day before
and yes,
eternally before.
But some time
that superbly hairline crack
in your well preserved casing
will suffer
a Grace.
You can call it crisis, or crumble
you can see it as
the first time your truth has succeeded in escaping,
like the soft and persistent
pressings of a chick
ready to leave the egg
ready to know Life
for the first time.

– em claire